Fishing zander starts with finding the right spot. The wetland area around the Haringvliet offers almost endless possibilities for fishing. Due to the favorable conditions you can get up all year round! In the summer months, the pike-perch mainly occupies the Haringvliet locks and the entrance to the port of Stellendam. Here the fish is looking for the coolness. In the other seasons it is good to fish for Hellevoetsluis, Middelharnis and along the island Tiengemeten. Especially the 'Vuile Gat', the water that connects the Haringvliet with the Hollands Diep is particularly rich in fish. Do you already have fish fever?

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Fish types: ide, asp, zander and perch.
How to fish: with a small lure, spinner or fly (size 12 to 8), then reel in the line, varying as you go. In the current: reel in firmly, turn.
Types of bait: choose between flies, red tags, pheasant tails, small, 3-4 cm brown/silver streamers (make sure you have enough backing, at least 50 m). Small pike plugs and small spinners. Snoekbaars Boat Rental provides these types of bait free of charge.


The zander doesn't like light and, during the day, will hide in the darker, deeper parts of a river or lake. Of course, this is very interesting information for the zander fisherman, because it means they can be fished somewhat predictably.
During the day, make sure to always fish under and around the bridges and pillars.

Stizostedion Lucioperca, known as the zander or glass-eye fish, originally came from Eastern and Middle Europe. However, since the end of the 19th century, the zander has also been stocked in the Netherlands, particularly for commercial fishing. This rover can reach a length of 120 centimeters, but these are rare specimens that are not caught much. A pike perch between 80 and 90 cm can be described as large here in our little country and can be found mainly in the larger lakes and rivers. Experienced pike fishermen are able to catch an average of four to five walleye in the morning on the Haringvliet. How many fish do you catch?


Aad's fishing advice
Snoekbaarsvissen vraag raadDid you know Aad Lansbergen, the founder of Snoekbaars Bootverhuur is one of the most experienced zander fishers of the Haringvliet? The tips about fishing in the "dirty hole" come from Aad. Aad has fished for more than ten years on the Haringvliet and usually catches five walleye per trip. Do you want to know where Aad catches these fish? Or do you want to know how and with what kinds of lures? When you receive a boat, ask Aad and maybe he can give you just the right tips to also bring in those beautiful big walleye. Are you improving his record catch ?!

About snoekbaars bootverhuur

Snoekbaars Bootverhuur is an initiative of Aad Lansbergen with close coorporation with EuroParcs. Aad Lansbergen is one of the house owners (eg at Europarcs Poort van Zeeland) at the first moment and with his twenty years of experience on fishing zanders from a boat, we dare to say with confidence that it is logical this expert will share his experience with you. He knows for sure you will be as excited about fishing as he is for years.

The boats are directly available for rent from the harbour from Hellevoetsluis near EuroParcs the Biesbosch. Activities “Zander fishing under the Moerdijkbrug…” and “Sailing to the island Tiengemeten” are part of the event program of EuroParcs and contribute to an even better experience during your vacation at the parc.

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